Digital Lifestyle Roundup: BitTorrent SDK, 7digital Music Downloads, Microsoft Mediaroom

Plenty happening in the digital lifestyle space this week. R/WW Network blog last100 reports on the following 3 stories:

BitTorrent releases SDK for set-top-boxes and other devices: BitTorrent, the company behind the popular peer-to-peer file sharing technology, has announced the availability of its Software Development Kit (SDK) for consumer electronics devices. Perhaps the most enticing part is the chance for licensee’s products to become officially BitTorrent certified.

7digital, music downloads done right?: More evidence that the music industry might finally be ‚Äògetting it‚Äô came with the recent announcement by 7digital of its revamped music download service. Not only is the company moving towards DRM-free mp3 downloads, but it has also introduced a ‚Äòlocker‚Äô feature whereby purchased tracks and videos are accessible by users “from anywhere with an Internet connection”.

Microsoft rebrands its IPTV plaftorm, adds PC to TV functionality: This week Microsoft announced the availability of Microsoft Mediaroom, a re-branded version of its IPTV software platform that enables service providers to deliver interactive IPTV services into the home.

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