Guest Editor This Week

I’m on holiday all this week and during that time Josh
will be Guest Editor of Read/WriteWeb. You may remember Josh from
such posts as Internet
Killed The Television Star
and Crowdsourcing:
A Million Heads is Better than One
. Josh is a talented writer, as well as
being co-founder of the web’s largest community dedicated to Ruby on Rails
development – Rails Forum. His personal
blog is mockriot. I’ve said to Josh that
he can post what he likes here, as long as it’s about web technology of course

Read/WriteWeb’s other writers will also be contributing, so you shouldn’t
notice much difference – although it will probably be lighter posting this week
than usual.

So without further ado, I am off to enjoy a one week break from blogging and
online life in general! If you are thinking of emailing me during this time,
don’t expect a response 😉 I will be back at the Editor’s desk from Monday 30
April, when Microsoft MIX in Las Vegas kicks off. I will be covering
that event live, so see you then!

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