Windows Live for TV: Social Networking and VoIP From Your Sofa

Interesting development from Microsoft – and one that makes perfect sense given their
media device strengths (a.k.a. stranglehold over the OS). Microsoft has released a
Windows Live for TV beta
. The project is code-named “Orbit” and it is built on the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Windows Live for TV will connect people via a Vista PC (with IE browser) or
Windows Vista Media Center, which is shaping up to be Microsoft’s linchpin Internet
connection device for the living room. According to the official

“Windows Live for TV is an early beta
3D browser application that makes it easy to connect to your social network as well as
friends and family from within Vista Media Center or IE7.0.  You’re be able to
view the best of Windows Live Spaces and
communicate with Friends and Family over Windows Live Messenger 8.1 with voice & text chat
as well as make a phone call.”

Right now you need to sign up for a trial account – and some features are either not
yet available, potentially buggy, or US-only. Not to mention that it requires Vista,
which is still very early in its release cycle. But the signs are promising for Windows
Live for TV, as it potentially takes social networking from the PC to the TV; plus
features like free VoIP calls from your sofa are sure to be a hit, in the long term.

If any R/WW readers have checked out Windows Live for TV yet, please leave a comment
describing your experience.

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