Off to the Web 2.0 Conference

Tomorrow morning I’m traveling to San Francisco for next week’s Web 2.0 Conference. I attended it last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Read/WriteWeb’s
coverage of the 2005 conference is here
and needless to say I’ll be pumping out the posts again this year.

In association with the conference, a new Web 2.0 report has been
published by O’Reilly Media – written by my friend John Musser, with Tim O’Reilly and the
O’Reilly Radar Team. Called ‘Web 2.0
Principles and Best Practices’, it is an insightful overview of the tools and trends
prevalent in this current era of the Web. The report is not free – it costs 395 clams. I
was lucky enough to get a press copy and I’m sure they won’t mind me publishing a short
excerpt from the executive summary:

“These trends manifest themselves under a variety of guises, names, and technologies:
social computing, user-generated content, software as a service, podcasting, blogs, and
the read–write web. Taken together, they are Web 2.0, the next-generation,
userdriven, intelligent web. This report is a guide to understanding the principles of
Web 2.0 today, providing you with the information and tools you need to implement Web 2.0
concepts in your own products and organization.”

The report also kindly mentions this blog, Read/WriteWeb, in the Reading List

If you’re at the conference next week, I look forward to meeting you. I’ll also be
attending the Widgets Live event on Monday. If
you’re unable to attend either, I will be doing my best to cover the big news and the
interesting new technologies here on Read/WriteWeb!

Update: Looks like I jumped the gun on the public announcement of a certain name change. I’ve updated my post accordingly, but will revert back to the original soon.

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