Following on from my post
at the end of last week listing the top German web apps,
R/WW reader Mark Schoondorp sent me a list of Dutch web apps. Mark himself is the
designer of Wat vinden wij over (meaning ‘What
do we think of” / ‘What is your opinion on’ / ‘what do we find’). It’s a social
bookmarking site, which Mark says focuses on the user as much as the bookmarks – i.e. it
makes recommendations and rewards experts.

Mark also told me about 5 other Dutch web apps, all of which resemble US web 2.0
poster children. Cloning of web apps is a common occurrance all over the world –
including in Silicon Valley itself. Once a successful formula has been created in a 2.0
market segment, there’s a market for a local version – particularly if that country’s
language is different. But even here in english-speaking NZ and Australia (my neck of the
woods), there are local versions of Flickr,, MySpace, YouTube, etc.
– a dutch version of LinkedIn

eKudos – a dutch digg clone – a clone and – social networking for boys and
girls – like Netvibes, but dutch (i.e. personalized
start page)

I’d love to get similar info about other international markets, so contact me if you’d
like to contribute your country’s top web apps.

Update: Robert Gaal, who works on eKudos and Linklog, also has a list of Dutch web apps.