Ben Barren’s written an excellent series of posts about his favorite features to flip. Here’s his top ten:

#1 – Podcasting Ratings

#2 – Better Blogging Tools

#3 – MySpace meets Linkedin

#4 – Non-Text RSS Reader

#5 – RSS Search/Reader Attention Glue

#6 – Images for Adsense

#7 – Podcasting Creation Tool

#8 – Enterprise Vanity Search

#9 – Blog/RSS Syndication Tools

#10- Asia Pacific RSS/Blogging/Web 2.0

My personal favorite is number 10: Asia Pacific RSS/Blogging/Web 2.0. As Ben said:

“The Solution : Combination of Build and Import the best of Web 2.0 to Australia and AsiaPacific, dealing with only the best people. Order of Opportunity Rollout – RSS Search, RSS Reader, RSS Sharing, Web, Image + Video Tagging + Sharing, Local Communities and Meta-Classifieds Search. Region by Region : Aust/AsiaPac/UK….”

I’ve been talking with Ben about some of this, so expect interesting things to emerge in the new year. Remember this is the part of the world where Rupert Murdoch and Peter Jackson come from, so you know there’s huge potential for innovation down under.

Only I for one won’t be calling it Web 2.0 next year. That’s so 2005…

richard macmanus