I’ve noticed some excellent techie posts lately, so I feel duty-bound to point them out.

Phil Pearson, XML expert Kimbro Staken and Movable Type consultant Chad Everett have been working on a Structured Blogging plugin for WordPress and MT. This is to enable ordinary folks (like me) to publish “new microcontent types, support microformats and other standards like Media RSS”. Phil’s looking for feedback, so if you’re technically inclined jump over to his blog and add your 2 cents.

Also I found a great resource via the 9rules homepage, an article at Fiftyfoureleven.com about how to use the Yahoo! API. As it states in the intro:

“Looking at Yahoo!s APIs, you can see a little of that “openess” that Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel referred to at 2005’s Web 2.0 conference. From images to movies to maps and search, they offer a lot of data through their APIs.”

Fiftyfoureleven.com also offers an ongoing API series. Great stuff and I’ll be reading this very closely and experimenting when I get some free time (in about a week!). Also check out ProgrammableWeb’s How to Make Your Own Web Mashup article. The beauty of mashups is that anyone can play, thanks to great resources like these and the backend work of folks like Phil Pearson.