A couple of weeks ago Charlie
Schick posted
about the lack of mobile-focused bloggers in the Web 2.0
. Charlie wrote:

“…from the list, I, of course, did not see a person focusing on mobility. I’m not surprised. Mobile might not need a special focus, but it sure should be part of the discussion.”

I replied in the comments that we’d love to have a mobile-focused blogger in
the mix. In emails following we discussed who is blogging about the intersection
of mobile and Web 2.0. Charlie
blogs occasionally on this subject and he also pointed to Debi
Jones’ The Carnival of the Mobilists
blog (great name!). The mobile sites I already know about are Howard Rheingold’s
SmartMobs and Russell
Beattie’s blog
. I’ve also got Scott Rafer’s Mobile Chair
and Mobile Opportunity by
Michael Mace (ex-Apple honcho) plugged into my Rojo.

What other mobile blogs do people recommend? As I wrote recently on
, I think mobile is the next ‘revolution’ cab off the ranks in the Web
industry. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be talking more now about how 2.0
technologies and mobile are intersecting – for example location and presence
services that utilize things like RSS and social networking. What’s being built now in mobile that we in Web 2.0-land should be
talking about more? Who’s blogging about it? Who’s building it?