I’ve been one of the beta testers of a brilliant new blog news service over the past 2-3 months – and today it’s gone live. tech.memeorandum is the brainchild of Gabe Rivera. It basically aggregates all the latest news from blogs on one page – but it’s more than that. It’s an automated, constantly-updated, finger on the pulse of the tech blogosphere.

How it works: the more people that link to a blog post, the bigger the headline. The biggest and most recent headlines are at the top of the page, but move down as newer popular stories emerge to take their place. Below the original source of each story are links to other bloggers who have linked to it. But the beauty of it is, only posts with a decent amount of writing in them make the memeorandum page. A simple link and a sentence won’t do.

All in all, it’s like a hybrid of populicio.us and the New York Times!

It’s almost entirely automated too, which amazed me when I found out – because the quality of the posts and stories that it uncovers is top notch. As is the connecting together of all relevant links, which Gabe has an excellent phrase for: “relate the conversation”. I’ve been using this new version of memeorandum as my prime source of breaking blog news for the past couple of months. It’s so quick to scan and find out what’s hot in the tech blogosphere.

Congrats to Gabe, he’s done a wonderful job building this. My bet is that mainstream news media organizations will be beating a path to Gabe’s door to either invest in it or license the software.

Robert Scoble has more details, plus Gabe himself has written a few posts about his announcement. Oh and there is a politics version of the new memeorandum too.

Congrats again Gabe, this is an outstanding example of a Web 2.0 media product.