This from Sir Robert Scoble:

“Watch for more business deals and from places you wouldn’t expect them. I’m hearing from several of my friends, for instance, that AOL is looking for media properties blogging networks.”

Interesting… I wonder if AOL read my Network of Niches post – I know some MSN folks did 😉 That post, and the one before it, caught the attention of a few Blog Network owners who pinged me afterwards. I won’t lie to you – I’m hoping one of them signs me up, pronto.

You see, I finish at my day job on 24 August and I’m fishing for some blog writing work. I want to do some paid blogging to complement the analysis/research work I’m already doing.

If you’d like to hire a smart, focused, analytical Web 2.0/RSS/Social Media dude for your blog network – send me an email.

This offer won’t last – someone is sure to snap me up very soon in this blog network bubble 😉

richard macmanus