I have a feeling this is going to be hugely significant. Dave Winer wrote today:

“On Friday you’ll see how deeply integrated RSS is in the architecture of the browser. But that’s just the tip of what may turn out to be a very big iceberg. The people at Microsoft noticed something that I had seen, only peripherally — that there were applications of RSS that aren’t about news. Like Audible’s NY Times Best Seller list, or an iTunes music playlist, or lists of Sharepoint documents, or browser bookmarks. Lists are all over the place, and people are starting to move them around via RSS, and they are not the usual kind of data that has been carried by RSS in the past.”

This is big on a number of levels:

1) Is Microsoft going to integrate RSS into the IE7 browser?

2) Not only that, but will there be a “wide and deep integration of RSS into their products” as Charlie Wood put it?

3) So Microsoft is doing something with RSS and microcontent (by which I mean, in this case, non-blog content)…Wow!

4) Dave is in on this? I’m pleased about that!

5), 6), 7)… count the ways this is going to be big news. I can’t wait for more details on Friday.

UPDATE, Friday US time:Alex Barnett has excellent coverage of the “RSS meets Longhorn” news as it comes out today. More from me after I’ve digested it…

richard macmanus