I’ve started a new topic-focused weblog: eBookCulture.com. It’s going to be exclusively on the topic of eBooks and the read/write culture that I think will develop around eBooks over the next few years. eBooks have so far not broken through into the mainstream, due to a number of factors – e.g. technical limitations of devices to read eBooks on, pricing that’s way too high, reluctance to give up paper books, and many other things. All of which I’ll be exploring at eBookCulture.com.

So why a blog focused entirely on eBooks, you may be asking? Here’s some of the reasons that I wrote in my introductory post:

I decided to create a new weblog focused entirely on eBooks, because it’s a topic I’d really like to get stuck into and ‘learn by doing’ (one of my favourite maxims). Possibly only a minority of my readers at Read/Write Web are interested in eBooks, so it made sense for me to start a new weblog on this topic. I can explore eBooks and write about them as much as I like over here 🙂

If you’re at all interested in eBooks, then feel free to subscribe to its RSS feed. I would expect it to attract a different type of audience to Read/Write Web, but there’s bound to be some crossover appeal too. In any case, rest assured that Read/Write Web will remain my main online presence – my Web avatar, if you will. eBookCulture.com has a very narrow focus, which will allow me to explore different aspects of blogging.

Oh and I get to use Movable Type 3.0 in my new blog (yay!). I’m using the default design at the moment, but actually I quite like it. I won’t be experimenting very much with web design on eBookCulture, as the focus will be on the topic of eBooks.