Matt Mower’s written a great explanation of
how the K-Collector aggregation process
a very clever system and I’m pleased to hear it doesn’t actually require the
on Radio
in order
people to participate in the KC community.

What I will do is continue with my own experiments with Movable Type. I already
have the TE cloud reference in my RSS template, so I’ll add the KC cloud reference
too. Then as I write posts I’ll add topics using my chosen MT field (at this
stage ‘Keyword’, but I’ll probably change to ‘Category’).

Note that I
could download the MT client Matt’s created, but I’d actually rather play
around myself with MT and see how both KC and TE pick up my posts.

Likewise, I’ve asked Phil Pearson if
Topic Exchange can pick up my ENT data from my RSS feed automatically. If I
can get both KC and TE aggregating my ENT
data, without me having to ping either one, I’ll be a happy man 🙂

Also I should perhaps clarify my goals with all this. In the short-term I
want to:

1) Set-up MT so that I can add topic data to both KC and

2) Set-up my own internal topic navigation, which ideally I’d like to synch
with KC and TE (in terms of topic names).

For now I’ll leave the hard part aside – i.e. synching topic data between
KC and TE. Matt’s done a lot of work on this in the past, using XFML and XTM
and so forth, and so he can tell you it’s not a trivial task. So let’s call
that a long-term goal.

I guess my remaining goal for the short-term is to try and convince Phil to
get TE to automatically aggregate my ENT data from my RSS feed. But being a
humble user, I’ve no idea how difficult a request this is – i.e. it’s easy
for me to ask the question, it may be a lot harder for Phil to do the work
😉 So I don’t want to press the issue…

Also, I want to investigate Blogdigger some more to see how I can tie in my
topic navigation experiments with Bloggdigger’s categorisation system. Greg
– any ideas for that?