This is the last piece of self-promoting babble I’ll post for a while – I promise – but I thought I’d mention that I’ve added a favicon to my weblog. I’ve been admiring the favicons displayed in my Bloglines aggregator for some time now and a recent post by Makiko Itoh reminded me I should design one of my own. Here’s an example of favicons, copied from my Bloglines subscriptions:

Those are just my A-List subs btw (I group the A-Listers together, don’t ask me why). Some nice favicons there – I particularly like Mark Pilgrim’s yin-yang symbol. My new favicon is this:

You should now see this in your browser address bar and in all good RSS aggregators (mine may take a while to propogate). My design is pretty simple, compared to the ones reviewed by Makiko. It uses my site’s colours and fonts, with the r-slash-w standing for Read/Write. As I said, fairly basic, but because it’s only 16 x 16 pixels, it was quite fiddly to make. For Windows users, check out Photomatt’s excellent overview on how to make a favicon. Once I’d created mine, I used this online service to generate the .ico file. Then simply place it on your web server and add a reference to it in your homepage html (see photomatt for full instructions).

Right, this coming week I’ll be getting back to some serious writing