I’ve been thinking about starting a linkblog, like Phil Pearson has just done. Two of my favourite daily reads are Anil Dash’s Daily Links and Erik Benson’s Morale-o-Meter. Both those guys post a daily list of external links, with a 1-2 line comment on each link, which pretty much align with my own interests. Personally I prefer it when daily links are kept separate from the author’s main writing blog. Which brings me to my dilemma. Every day I read interesting things on the Web. I want someplace to store those things, because they often seed ideas of my own, which inspire what I write in this weblog.

This continues my owngoing search for the ultimate Web of Ideas application. I see a linkblog as being one source of ideas, gathered from the Web. Other sources of ideas include my own mind, books I read, music I listen to, people I converse with, etc.

But the question is – is it worth me publishing my list of links so that people can subscribe to it? Because my special interest is the two-way web, my list of daily links could actually be a useful resource – especially considering the official Two-Way Web website and the community Write The Web site are no longer being updated (the latter has been taken off the air, which is a pity). So a focussed daily list of links by me, on the topic of the Two-Way Web, could be of value to other people.

Any thoughts?