CSS and XHTML are still dominating my mind’s attention.xml file. As you can see in my menu, they’re numbers 1 and 2 in my Weekly Topic Top 10. btw the Topic Top 10 is going to be a weekly record (pardon the pun) of the most popular topics on my mind. I’ve actually created some XML files to store each week’s top 10, so I can track what topics are occupying my mind over time. I’ll see if I can implement this into my Radio blog, so the menu automatically extracts the data from the XML files. In fact this feature could be extended across the blogosphere too (but by a better programmer than me!).

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a Rick Dees-like weekly countdown of the Top 40 topics in the blogosphere. Popdex has something similar – a popularity index of weblog posts and stories. Technorati comes very close by sorting posts from different weblogs into topics (nice work again Dave Sifry!). But ideally I want something attuned to my interests.

To make the Weekly Top 40 relevant for different groups of people, you’d need to categorize topics…like they do with the Billboard charts – there’s a pop chart, an R&B chart, a country chart, etc. Likewise in the blogosphere you could have a Tech Blogs chart, a Political Blogs chart, a Personal Journal chart, etc.

In the meantime, you can tune into my Weekly Top 10 topics chart. CSS is number 1 this week, but there are many topics vying for my attention currently. What will be number 1 next week?