I’ve been totally absorbed in my CSS re-design this past week. I did some final tinkering tonight, trying to find a solution to the “bottom horizontal bar” issue (outlined in my previous post). But CSS positioning is an abstract thing to get ones head around. It’s not like good old fashioned HTML table designs, where you can set the table borders to equal “1” in order to view the layout. I eventually decided to remove the troublesome bottom horizontal bar. It wasn’t that functional anyway. Once I’ve spent some time studying CSS positioning in detail, I may come back to it.

What have I missed in the blogosphere while I’ve been touring CSS-land (along with its neighbouring country, XHTLM-land)? I see that Paulo and Matt are nearing the release date for k-collector – cool, I believe k-collector will blow some minds when it’s released into the wild. Phil Wolff had an interesting comment on k-collector’s potential benefit to Intranets (which interests me in my work role). What else has been happening… oh I see the A Listers had a brawl last week – the “you’re full of shit” posts, heh heh (Dennis Conner once said that to a New Zealand boat designer in the first America’s Cup regatta we entered, back in 1987 – we won the thing in 1995…but, er, lost it recently to a land-locked country, Switzerland – isn’t life funny). What else… Marc Canter is pushing hard to get an RSS 2.0 developer to build an events aggregator – good on you Marc, there are lots of exciting developments happening in your neck of the (blogland) woods.

So it’s all happening, which is why blogging is so much fun. I’ll be back in writing mode this week. I have some thoughts perculating on XHTML, which I’ll type up tomorrow.