A few days ago John Robb complained about his Google PageRank being zero after he moved to his new domain. I was in the same situation, but this morning I noticed my weblog has a new Google PageRank of 5/10. I see John Robb’s PageRank is back too (6/10). Another new blogger who had 0/10 PageRank up till today is Adam Bosworth (a former Microsoft executive) and today I see his rank is 6/10.

Some background: about 3 weeks ago I moved to my new domain name and accordingly my Google PageRank dropped to zero. Actually, I only had a ranking of 1 or 2 before the move. I’ve only been officially blogging since April this year (I originally bought Radio Userland in 2002 and played around with it, but I didn’t seriously start blogging till a year later when I had to choose whether to renew my Radio Userland license). Anyway, up till now my Google PageRank was minimal. But I am pleased to see it is now 5/10. Sure this is the kind of weblog vanity that Andrew Orlowski would snigger at. Hey what can I say – guilty as charged 🙂 

I also noticed that my old domain, on Radio Userland’s server, also now has a 5/10 PageRank. So that must mean Google has worked out how to factor in re-directs when calculating PageRank, or has found some other way to synch old and new domain names. Nice one Google!