News today that Userland CEO John Robb has left the company. Dave Winer says about Userland’s future direction:

“We’re going to try to do something fun, unique, and powerful with UserLand’s position in the weblog and content tools market, and we’re going to try to include the community in the business, i.e. people will make money.”

Sounds fascinating. Best of luck to the staff at Userland. I like the Radio Userland product and its community of users – lots of forward motion! I’m keen to see what strategy Userland pursues, in order to keep pace with the likes of Six Apart and Blogger/Google. People are already offering their support.

Regarding John Robb, interesting to note that his Radio weblog is no longer on the air. Here’s a link to someone who appears to have recorded John Robb’s last post (I couldn’t help being curious about it). This is the tantalizing last sentence:

“There is a huge amount of forward motion in the weblog world from organizations that will pay real money (this answers Scoble’s question) ;->


Onward indeed. Look forward to positive news ahead for both Userland and John Robb.