Tonight I added an OPML blogroll to my menu – easy thanks to Jake Savin’s instructions. Then I set about trying to implement a “Last 10 Entries” script into my weblog menu. Because I tend to write long-ish articles, I’d like to have a dynamic menu that lists my 10 most recent articles. I looked around the web for a feature like this, but found that most webloggers don’t list their weblog entries in their menu. Most people rely on a calendar as a navigation tool, or they use categories. Eventually I did find a relevant script by Jon Udell called StoryList. It provides a list of all articles in reverse chronological order. There’s also a script by Marc Barrot called RadioScan which extends the concept, but I decided I’ll stick with Jon’s script at this point. I then spent a bit of time messing around in Radio until I got it right. So now I have a list of my articles. That’s cool, but I still want to put this in my menu and truncate it to the 10 most recent entries. But since it’s nearly 1am, I think I’ll tackle that another time!