Geeks We Envy No. 8: Sean Parker



At 19, Parker co-founded Napster, letting the file-sharing genie out of the bottle and changing the music world forever. He later became the first president of Facebook, and even after resigning from the company in 2005, Parker continued to consult with CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He never lost his focus on social interaction, investing in Spotify and starting with his former Napster partner. He also founded, a social platform for nonprofits that has helped raise more than $30 million.

Why He’s a Geek: House raided by FBI at 16 for hacking. Founded Napster, Plaxo. Made Mark Zuckerberg what he is today.

Why we envy him: Stuck it to the man. Doesn’t need the money but keeps on innovating. Gets booted out of multiple companies under mysterious circumstances, but doesn’t seem to notice. Awesome, $20 million townhouse. Engaged to gorgeous singer/songwriter Alexandra Lenas - who reportedly saved his life. Played by Justin Timberlake as a party animal in an Oscar-winning movie.

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