Geeks We Envy No. 10: Kim Schmitz, aka Kim Dotcom



Picture a huge, bald, ambiguously European crime boss surrounded by bikini-clad women, guns and exotic automobiles. Throw in some mad hacker skills and a burning desire to take out the ruling elite. Is this a James Bond villian? Nope. Just Kim Dotcom (born Kim Schmitz), founder of and equal parts Dr. Evil and Biggie Smalls. Depending on who’s talking, Dotcom has either helped millions of people share files and fought for a free Internet, or he’s stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from legitimate copyright holders.

Why He’s a Geek: Once hacked Helmut Kohl’s credit score down to zero. World’s No. 1 Modern Warfare 3 player until he was arrested.

Why We Envy Him: Whole life is an episode of MTV Cribs. License plate of “GOD.” Spent a half million bucks on fireworks. Hangs with P. Diddy and Kim Kardashian. Owns an inflatable tank.

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