Facebook Begins Its News Feed Spring Cleaning

Facebook’s long-promised News Feed clean-up is about to begin.

On Thursday, Facebook announced its three-pronged plan to prevent spammy content from filling up your News Feed.

Specifically, Facebook is going after so-called “like-baiting,” in which users blatantly ask readers to like, comment, or share a story. According to the company, people consider these stories to be “15% less relevant” than other stories with comparable numbers of likes. 

Additionally, posts that are shared by several people and Pages—Facebook calls this “frequently circulated content”—will be shown less prominently. Facebook will also aim to nix spammy links that contain inaccurate language or formatting.

The news should come as no surprise to Page owners, as Facebook’s public efforts to show more relevant posts and information on the News Feed began last summer

Of course, the News Feed adjustments don’t just benefit users—these changes are likely to result in more advertising dollars for Facebook, since the best way for people to see your posts, as the companykindly reminded us in March, is to pay for ads.

Image via EmilyRides on Flickr

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