Lynda Acquires Compilr, Expands Learn-To-Code Empire, a learn-to-code site, has just acquiredCompilr.

Founded in 1995, Lynda is one of the oldest technology education companies on the Web. Students, usually novice to intermediate technology enthusiasts, can learn a variety of Web-essential skills from software development to design by watching experts’ videos.

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Compilr is a set of development tools that teaches beginners how to code by doing. With sandbox editors and compilers for HTML, Ruby, Java, Python and more, anyone can write and execute code directly from their browsers without needing to first install programs or libraries on your computer. 

With the Compilr acquisition, Lynda may be moving toward a learning model that isn’t just about watching, but actively doing. It’s a melding of two different ways of teaching to code, which is great for students with different learning styles.

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