Project Ara, Google’s Modular Smartphone, Gets A Trio Of Developer Conferences

Google typically holds its annual I/O conference towards the end of June, but this year, the search giant will add a few more developer conferences to its schedule—one completely centered on its new experimental modular smartphone, “Project Ara.”

On Thursday, Google announced (via Google+) the first of three Ara Developers’ Conferences on April 15-16—a meeting that will be held online, with a “limited number of participants” able to attend in person. The conference will highlight the release of the Ara Module Developers’ Kit (MDK), which is a free and open platform designed to contain everything developers need to build an Ara module. (Hint: It may or may not involve 3D printing.)

The full agenda for April’s Ara Developers’ Conference will go live in the coming weeks on

Lead image by Google Advanced Technology And Projects (ATAP)

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