New Apple MacBook Pro: Faster, Thinner, Lighter

Giant smartphone and tablet maker Apple reminded people that it makes personal computers, too.

The company announced new MacBook Pros at a press event in San Francisco that have faster processing, better graphics, and an increased battery life—along with a cheaper price tag.

Apple’s line of laptops boast tremendous battery life—up to nine hours on the 13-inch model, enough for a transatlantic flight. The 13-inch MacBook Pro starts at $1,299, and the 15-inch starts at $1,999. 

The new Pro models come with Apple’s OS X 10.9 Mavericks, the latest version of Apple’s laptop-and-desktop operating system that was also released today. The MacBook Pro now runs on Intel’s Haswell chip, an addition that will boost the performance of battery life and graphics.

As ReadWrite’s Dan Rowinski pointed out, that’s pretty much what we were expecting.

Apple said the new 13-inch model, weighing in at 3.46 pounds and measuring 0.71 inches thick, has a version of Wi-Fi, 802.11ac, that it says is three times faster than previous versions, as does the new 15-inch model.

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