Motorola CEO: The Moto X Smartphone Is Coming By October, And It’s Made In The USA

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside today confirmed the rumored Moto X phone as the company’s next big product launch, and its first “hero” product since being acquired by Google.

Speaking today at the D11 conference in Los Angeles, Woodside teased that he had the phone in his pocket, “but I can’t show it to you,” and that the Android smartphone would be built in a plant near Fort Worth, Texas, fomerly used by Nokia. Woodside said the X Phone will launch “by October” along with a handful of other new Motorola smartphones.

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Designed to compete with high-end offerings from Apple and Samsung, Moto X will feature an organic LED display, thinner and lighter than older LCD displays, and be packed with sensors used to help the device “know what you want to do before you do,” Woodside said. For example, the phone will be able to tell when it’s in your pocket, in your hand, or inside of a fast-moving car, and subsequently trigger appropriate user interactions.

Woodside also mentioned that the device will be the first smartphone built in the United States, with some 70 percent of manufacturing taking place at the Texas facility. 

Image via Motorola

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