Forget Self-Driving Cars, These Robots Will Make You A Drink

Google sure knows how to throw a geek fest. The After Hours party after the first day of Google I/O was packed full of augmented reality, food, fun, dancing, Billy Idol and… robots.

Lots and lots of robots.

It was hard not to miss the robots, considering that the main bar on the third floor of Moscone West had three robots mixing cocktails. The wait for a robot-mixed drink was considerable, as a human controller told each bot what concoction to make. Google may have come up with the self-driving car, but these robot bartenders are pretty awesome too.

Check out the photos from the Google I/O After Hours party below.

Dancing on dots

Last year, Sergey Brin himself taught us how to take a selfie with Google Glass.

Robot drummer

I swear I have seen this robot before. At MIT, perhaps?

Taking augmented reality pictures

Geek's pose

This guy was using an augmented reality app to wireframe the crowd

These robots went toe-to-toe


Watching Billy Idol from the dots

This giant robot hand was crushing everything in site

GenyMobile founder Cedric Ravalec (and Jon Hamm lookalike) talks to ReadWrite Editor in Chief Owen Thomas about his startup in France.

The crowd was told not to take pictures of Billy Idol. Nobody listened.
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