Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine Has Learned To Speak Klingon

A quiet upgrade to Bing’s language translator today has added Klingon, in both the Latin and Klingon alphabets. 

That’s great news if you wanted to ask, “How does one get ‘Scroogled’?” in the elegant tongue of Star Trek’s most warlike species. The answer, of course, is “chay’ Qu’ ‘SchrooghleD’ wej wa’?” 

Or perhaps you were wondering the best way to phrase, “How much, in fluid ounces, does Steve Balmer sweat every time he’s onstage?” A Klingon would say: “‘ar, tlhluID ouncheS, Qu’ Sweat steve balmer Hoch poH ghaH onStaghe?”

The feature also works for translating entire webpages and in the Bing translator app for Windows Phone. Check out a screenshot of the translator’s use of the Klingon alphabet below, and feel free to retire that paperback Klingon Dictionary you’ve been keeping in your bag for special occasions. 

Image courtesy of YouTube video Klingon Style.

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