Bill Gates Details Last Moments With Steve Jobs: We Grew Up Together [Video]

Bill Gates was the subject of last night’s 60 Minutes and he and host Charlie Rose touched on a wide array of topics, primarily the billionaire’s humanitarian efforts under the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

While the focus may have been on life after Microsoft, the interview also included emotional recollections from Gates as he recalled the last time he saw longtime rival Steve Jobs alive in May of 2011. He recalls Jobs being very forward-looking, focusing both on heavy subjects like where technology had failed education as well as personal ones, like finishing his 260-foot yacht Venus despite the somber realization from both he and Gates that it was unlikely he would ever set foot on the finished vessel. 

When asked, as he often is, what he think Jobs was better at, Gates immediately responds, “His sense of design, that everything had to fit an aesthetic…it shows that design can lead you in a good direction and phenomenal products came out it.”

Watch the unaired footage from the interview below: 

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