Refurbished IT: A Cost-Efficient, Green Approach To Big Data

Guest author Richard Dicks is General Manager, Global Asset Recovery Services, IBM Global Financing.

Today, businesses are making enormous investments in Big Data and analytics to secure new customers, enhance existing client relationships and gain a competitive advantage. Worldwide, the trend is accelerating rapidly.

70% Of Companies Rely On Used Tech

What you may not know is that many organizations are turning certified refurbished IT equipment to make it all happen. Refurbished equipment is a cost-efficient and often environmentally beneficial solution to meeting the growing demand for mined data. In fact, according to research firm IDC, up to 70% of companies have purchased used, reconditioned equipment in the past two years.

The facts are clear. Refurbished machines extend the life of older IT equipment that otherwise would require disposal, they serve as an affordable alternative to new equipment, and they can help a company improve its business case to acquire much-needed analytics solutions that will help them make better decisions and grow.

From a quality standpoint, refurbished machines are reconditioned, tested and certified for resale using rigorous processes and original manufacturing standards. They can even be rebuilt to meet specific client needs, such as a new analytics application that transforms information into insight and helps a company improve its marketing outreach. Maintenance contracts and guarantees can also be attached, to provide even greater assurances.

3 Ways Refurbished Equipment Goes Green

In addition to all this, refurbished IT equipment works seamlessly with new technologies to help organizations:

  • Support innovation, grow and transform
  • Reduce total cost of ownership so capital can be used for other needs
  • Meet business and IT requirements despite financial or credit limitations

The combination of high quality and low price can also make pre-owned equipment a good solution for special projects, temporary capacity and unexpected changes, for example when a physical move doesn’t require the latest technology. Pre-owned technology can also help businesses maintain a legacy environment or facilitate a disaster recovery solution.

In the end, the reuse of IT equipment is not only a cost-effective approach to expanding/upgrading IT infrastructures, it is an environmentally responsible course to take.

To be sure, a wide variety of used equipment is available, including personal computers, servers, storage, printers and networking devices. IBM uses refurbished equipment to meet certain IT needs within its own infrastructure.

On this Earth Day 2013, we recognize the positive impact of refurbished IT equipment on the environment, as well as a company’s bottom line.

Article and video courtesy of A Smarter Planet.

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