Comparing The Top Smartphone Data Plans [Infographic]

Shopping for wireless data plans for your smartphone can be an exercise in banging your head against a wall. Over and over. Does AT&T have the fastest data? How much does Verizon charge for overages? Where, oh where, is my “unlimited” plan? Do these new T-Mobile plans save me money? 

Good luck figuring it all out. At the end of the day, your bill is probably not what you thought it was going to be anyway. But, there are general baselines that we can follow from carrier to carrier that can give us a good idea on where to start. WhistleOut, a website that tracks wireless plans among the top cellular carriers in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, wants to make it easy for you. The WhistleOut team created an infographic that compares plans among the top U.S. carriers. Check it out below.

Top image: Samsung Galaxy S4 by Dan Rowinski

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