Leaked Pictures Of PlayStation 4 Controller Reveal Mysterious Black Bar

It’s no surprise that the PlayStation 4, code-named Orbis, is going to debut at Sony’s big event on February 20. But until gaming blog Destructoid got its hands on a leaked image of the controller and published it on Thursday there wasn’t much concrete information on what any component of the device would look like.

On Friday, All Games Beta offered up its own leaked image, from an unknown source. Whether this new image – which gives viewers a slightly different angle from which to furiously theorize about the new console’s possible features – is from same source as Destructoid’s is unclear.

But the two are likely of the same version of the prototype, which Kotaku has confirmed is indeed a controller of Sony’s new system, though it could change significantly before the final version comes out.

Of the few details that can gleaned from these images, the most important is the mysterious, potentially touch-screen-based black bar running above the analog joysticks. Whether this will involve second-screen technology – perhaps a move aimed at competing with Nintendo’s Wii U – or something else entirely will likely be revealed at next week’s event.

In All Games Beta’s leaked image, we also get a better look at the position of the Start and Select buttons, which have been spread far apart and rest on the top edges of the black bar.

While the rumor mills will be spinning from now until next until next Wednesday, there’s not much else we can say for sure concerning Sony’s big announcement. Maybe we should take the time to relish in the used game market, which will supposedly implode if Sony and Microsoft decide to limit new games to one console.

Update: Reddit user Auto_aim1 uploaded this PlayStation 4 mockup (below) offering an interesting take on the mysterious black bar.

Top image via Destructoid. Second image via All Games Beta.

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