ReadWrite Mobile Carrier Survey: What Would It Take For You To Switch?

Choosing the right mobile carrier is a big decision for everyone from individuals to small and large corporations. There are lots of factors to consider in making the right choice, from coverage areas and reliability to speeds and technologies to what handsets are available. Just as important, the choices you make can make a huge difference in the cost of your mobile service.

For individuals, you could be talking differences of $40 per month or more. Multiply that by every mobile worker in your company, and pretty soon you’re talking about real money.

That’s why ReadWrite wants to know about how satisfied you are with your current mobile carrier, and what might entice you to switch. And that’s why we put together this little 9-item questionnaire: the ReadWrite Mobile Carrier Survey. (There are also a few demographic questions included at the end, so we can better analyze the results.) Once we have enough responses, we’ll put together a post detailing the insights we gained, so if you’d like to share additional thoughts about your mobile carrier choices in the comments, we’ll be listening.

Take the ReadWrite Mobile Carrier Survey now!

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