Tech Blogs 100% Confident That They Totally Don't Know What Facebook Will Announce Tuesday

Facebook is gathering the world's press to its Menlo Park, California, headquarters on January 15 for a very special, very huge announcement. Like, mega huge. Like, the-world-will-never-be-the-same huge. And because it is not yet tomorrow, at this point, today, nobody actually seems to know exactly what Facebook will announce, and this is what the tech blogs want you to know, which is that they have no idea what Facebook will announce tomorrow, and they want you to know that.

In fact they are so determined to inform you about how completely they don't know that they are reporting on this, over and over again, because they want you to know this so badly. Toward that end, they now are listing all the things that they don't know whether Facebook is going to announce.

Like there may be a new Facebook Phone, says TechCrunch. Or there will maybe or maybe not be better search, and/or an easier way to find things on Timeline, and/or better way to manage your list of friends, and/or Facebook for Cars, and/or real video chat like Google+ has, and/or new ad technology, and/or a kitchen sink, says TechCrunch. Or maybe it's Messenger for iPad, reports ... um ... TechCrunch. Or maybe or maybe not something to do with music, news and TV, reports Business Insider, although at the same time maybe or maybe not a Facebook Phone, as Business Insider reports on TechCrunch's original maybe-or-maybe-not report. The event "may pack a surprise," but then again it may not, as MarketWatch reports with certainty. 

My prediction? Probably yes. But maybe not. 

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.