Want To Know What’s Up At CES But Aren’t Going?

So, you’re borderline-unhealthy obsessed with CES, you want to know what everyone is posting, uploading and tweeting…but you can’t make the pricey Vegas show. What to do, what to do…?

You could either wile away in woe, set up multiple Google alerts to troll the Web for every article on the show or check out this morning’s newest toy, a real-time aggregator that pulls localized news and pictures direct from the horse’s mouth – giving you all your need-to-know info in one place. 

Sound good? Meet CES NewsHub from Livefyre, the San Francisco-based social engagement giant. Tweets, photos, news articles, even brands making product announcements – this software delivers the whole magillah, minus food and drink.You can even interact and engage with the CES content.

CES NewsHub pulls content by geographic location and search terms to give you all of the most-talked-about nuggets being shared, without you having to fork over your time and money. Oh, and it’s free – and us nerds, we love free. 

Today’s launch is Livefyre’s first stab at as-it-happens show content. Because of the tech world’s naturally focused attention on CES, Jordan Kretchmer, Livefyre’s chief executive, choose to debut it in Las Vegas. 

“With so much news, product launches and social buzz coming out of Las Vegas this week, CES is the perfect event to launch our first NewsHub,” Kretchmer told ReadWrite. “Whether you’re attending the event or not, you can go to CES NewsHub and quickly see what products and brands people are talking about, photos from launch parties and keynotes and the top news stories from the week.”

Kretchmer says the entire product was developed in less than a week, and can be quickly updated with new content streams. The major benefit for users is the customizable curation aspect. 

“With all of the great content being created today around live events, it’s almost impossible to filter to the most important or interesting pieces,” he said. “The real reason we created NewsHub is for our customers. Any Livefyre customer can use NewsHub for their own events and content, or can take any piece of it and customize it for their site in no time at all.”

The CES site will be live through Friday. 

Image courtesy of Livefyre.

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