Top 10 Tech Nightmares To Scare You This Halloween

Halloween is the spookiest time of the year. Here at ReadWrite, we couldn’t help but think of tech-based nightmares. And we couldn’t help but share them…

  1. Google combines everything it knows about you from all its various services – and then uses it to blackmail you over your insipid kitten photos and lame taste in music.
  2. Gray Goo – nanobots running out of control and destroying everything. Or on a larger scale, your 3D printer starts making copies of itself. Which start making copies of themselves…
  3. You buy a brand new tablet, and the next day a new model comes out and makes yours obsolete. And makes you feel like a sucker.
  4. Now that Disney is buying LucasFilm, Jar Jar Binks shows up in every new Disney movie.
  5. Being the first person to die in an accident caused by a self-driving car.
  6. Stuxnet decides to invade your smartphone.
  7. Not being able to catch your brand new fancy Nikon SLR when experimenting with Camera Toss Photography.
  8. You wake up from a dream, and you really are CEO of RIM.
  9. You get arrested for jailbreaking your iPad.
  10. Your startup gets bought for millions in stock – but it turns out to be Zynga stock.

And of course, because we’re ReadWrite, we offer a bonus tech nightmare:

          11. You’re the next

Mat Honan


Thanks to Jon Mitchell, Jim Nash, and Christina Ortiz for their terrifying contributions. And we all want to know, what are YOU afraid of today?

Besides this, of course:

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