The World According to Microsoft: 12 Semi-Random Factoids

These statistics were projected on the screen before Steve Ballmer took the stage in San Francisco on Monday to introduce the latest version of Microsoft Office:

73% of business managers believe work spillover into personal time isn’t a bad thing.

59% of business managers believe they make better business decisions as a result.

56% of people send their first email before they arrive in the office.

73% of people send their last email of the day after leaving the office.

98% of business managers deal with work issues via email outside of work hours.

98% of business managers deal with personal matters during normal work hours.

1 in 4 believe their productivity would increase if they could work from home or remotely.

45% of workers would accept a lower salary if it meant they had flexibility in where and when they work and the devices they use.

130 million workers will use mobile cloud-based applications by 2014.

60% of devices are used for both work and personal issues.

300 Sq. feet: Average office space in 1995.

225 Sq. feet: Average office space in 2011.


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