10 Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram

If there’s one feature that’s overlooked on Instagram, it has to be tags. Much like on Twitter, hashtags can serve as a kind of connective tissue stringing together otherwise disparate pieces of content from across the service. 

UPDATE: See the latest most popular hashtags on Instagram, as of January 2013

First and foremost, tags are descriptive. They can also aid significantly in content discovery, allowing users to gain more exposure for the images they publish using the wildly popular mobile photo-sharing app. Tagging photos with the right terms at the right time can lead to a flood of likes and new followers

So what are the most popular tags? The list fluctuates over time, but we thought it would be worth taking a snapshot of the hashtags that are most commonly used on Instagram at the moment. Some of them are generic and unsurprising, like #love (the most popular), #me (a treasure trove of digital vanity) and #cute. Others refer to third-party social services, such as #tweegram, which is the name of a mobile app that lets users create and post text-based graphics into their Instagram feed.  Given that we’re approaching mid-July, it’s no shock that #summer makes an appearance on the list. 

10. #summer

Photo by juliawalde.

9. #igers

Photo by fozyfresh.

8. #cute

Photo by johnpaultitlow.

7. #me

Photo by monalafleur.

6. #instamood

Photo by olemstafne.

5. #iphonesia

Photo by ryleymaxwell.

4. #photooftheday

Photo by schtrahl.

3. #tweegram

Photo by yelliejanae.

2. #instagood

Photo by milosmoeller.

1. #love

Photo by koolmello.

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