Do the social media guidelines from the Olympics muzzle athletes? Richard notes the rising trend of visual websites, like Instagram and Pinterest. Startup branding is more important than ever.

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Olympic Social Media Guidelines Muzzle Athletes

Media outlets are billing the upcoming London Summer Olympic Games as "the first social media Olympics." That means athletes and coaches will be posting, tweeting, Facebooking and generally bringing fans closer to the action more than ever before. So why is the International Olympic Committee trying to censor participants? More

Top Trends of 2012: The Visual Web

Continuing our mid-year review of the top trends of 2012, in this post we look at the emergence of the Visual Web. Two of the hottest products in the first half of 2012 are the best examples of this phenomenon: Pinterest and Instagram. But one or two swallows don't make a summer. Beautiful design is a key part of online business in this era, which has resulted in more images and video all across the Web. More

Design Is Now Crucial to Startup Success

Remember the good old days? When a startup founder could draw up his own clunky logo, slap it on a Web page and call it a day? Now every startup needs to spend time, attention and money on slick branding and design sophistication - just to get in the game. More

More Top Stories

How To Use Facebook’s Newest Stalking App

Facebook has quietly rolled out a new feature that allows you to easily find profiles of people who are close in physical proximity to you. Unlike previous Facebook apps, which have primarily been aimed at helping you strengthen connections with existing friends, Find Friend Nearby is aimed at helping you make more connections. More

Facebook Knows What You're Doing (Even If You Don't)

If you think a site that pulls your Facebook status updates and FourSquare check-ins to tell the world if you’re hungover, doing drugs or looking to get fired is unsettling, consider this: It’s fairly simplistic when compared to what social networks will one day be able to figure out based on what you choose to broadcast to the world. More

Firefox for Android Reveals the Future of the Mobile Web

In an era when tech companies are attempting to squeeze more data and more dollars out of users, it is refreshing to know that there are organizations that aim to make the Web a better, more functional place. Mozilla is one. On Tuesday it unveiled the latest version of Firefox for Android. While the browser is an excellent update, the most interesting thing about it is what it says about the future of the mobile Web. More

Google I/O: Web or Native Apps? Google Has it Both Ways

The two keynotes at the Google I/O developers' conference presented two divergent approaches to Google's future products - and users inevitably must choose between them. Wednesday's keynote emphasized native Android apps downloaded from Google Play. Thursday's focused on Google's browser, Chrome, with its own store for Web apps. Will the company's two-prong strategy pull it apart? More

RWW Recommends: The Best Mobile RSS Reader

RSS lives! Not everything is a real-time stream of status updates from Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Subscribing to an RSS feed is still the best way to closely monitor your favorite blogs and topics. So where to check your feeds? Google Reader is the undisputed king of RSS Readers for the desktop, mostly because it's the Last One Standing. However, there is much more competition among RSS Readers for smartphones and that means there are some great options out there. In this post we give you our recommendation for best mobile RSS Reader. More

Web Developers Brace For the MacBook Pro's Retina Display

The Web is about to get uglier - that is, if you're eager enough to plunk down $2,200 for the new MacBook Pro with its ultra high-resolution "retina" display. The new laptop, which Apple unveiled last week, already has Web designers and developers trying to figure out how they're going to create sites and Web apps that look good on the new machine without leaving the rest of the Web's population behind. More

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