(Number) 9 Things the Yoko Ono App SHOULD Do

Yoko Ono, widow of The Beatles' John Lennon, has released an iPhone app. The app, called #smilesfilm, allows users to share snapshots of smiling faces.

That’s great and all, but we came up with nine things that a Yoko Ono app really should do.

1. Break up your band. Whatever band you happen to be in.

2. Erase all Paul McCartney songs on your iTunes account. 

3. Turn all your album cover art to plain white.

4. Change your ring tone to 15 minutes of tuneless screeching, direct from the second side of Live Peace in Toronto, still the most unlistenable bit of "music" ever recorded.

5. Automatically send emails with virtual flowers to 100 top world leaders, complete with nagging messages about what they're not doing to save the world.

6. Turn off all the alarms on your iPhone. After all, you belong in bed.

7. Send an animated fly crawling over your home screen.

8. Put huge sunglasses on the faces of the pictures you take with your iPhone - including those taken in #smilesfilm.

9. Give Peace a Chance.

Lead photo courtesy of Shutterstock.