Today's theme is bad news. Let's face it: Tech news tends to describe the world through rose-colored glasses. Things are kind of hairy out there.

Here's a round-up to remind us of the challenges we're facing.

"How bad is it?", George Scialabba asks. Pretty bad, as far as our educational and moral fabric is concerned.

Our Dan Frommer reports on the latest wave of tech layoffs, punching a hole in the industry's veil of happiness.

Our economic reality is hurting us. Matthew Yglesias reports that long commutes are disastrously unhealthy.

Some of the news lately is downright crazy. Did you hear about the brutal attack on Miami, where a guy was eating another guy's face?

Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., the list of terrorists to kill is getting so long that the administration has to draw straws.

A fire on a 22-year-old nuclear submarine has called into question whether we should even bother fixing it.

Real worries about global meltdowns are starting to bubble up. Fortunately, they're based on some faulty assumptions.

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