Read/Write Daily: An Army of Robot Fish

Today’s theme is R&D. Even in seemingly calamitous times, there’s still mind-boggling technological progress rolling out. It hasn’t saved the world yet, but some pieces are falling into place.

Look at these new inventions and imagine the possibilities.

Fox News (sorry) reports on a new scientific ghost town, the Center for Innovation, being built in New Mexico to test the next generation of everyday technologies.

Here’s the press release from Pegasus Global Holdings, which is financing the project, to get a sense of the ambitions.

Many of our next decade’s inventions will be made out of superstrong, light materials like graphene. To make things out of graphene with precision, it looks like we’ll have to use microscopic robots!

We’ll also need renewable power supplies for our inventions, and new kinds of solar cells are showing some promising efficiency ratings.

Our future technologies will have to be much cleaner than our present ones. Researchers are building artificially intelligent robotic fish (!!!) to help with the clean-up.

Speaking of artificial intelligence, here’s a great essay about why human intelligence is overrated.

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