Today's theme is wild technology. We homo sapiens-type people are proud of our technology, but we'd better give credit where credit is due. Lots of other species can literally eat us without having to invent any weapons to help them.

Some can even outsmart us.

This rich infographic goes into depth about the amazing eyes of some of the world's hardiest species.

Here are six animals that are so smart, it's creepy.

Namit Arora contemplates the inner lives of animals in this intriguing essay.

Japanese scientists have invented a "dolphin speaker" that may enable us to communicate with our marine counterparts.

Maybe we should learn a thing or two from the animal kingdom. Rachel Armstrong has put a new spin on Arthur C. Clarke, arguing that "any sufficiently advanced civilization is indistinguishable from nature."

But just to put us in our place, here's a two-minute supercut video of animals seriously messing with people.

Image via Shutterstock.

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