Read/Write Daily: Drones Over America?

Today’s theme is thefunny-looking future. Humans have been dreaming of the era of air and space flight for a long time. But now that we’re here, it turns out the future isn’t always as romantic as we expected it to be.

Look at how ugly some of our best inventions are.

The U.S. military demonstrated a totally goofy hovering person-platform in 1955.

Here’s video of the new Chinese J-20 Mighty Dragon fighter jet, which looks like those silverfish you find crawling in your bathtub.

In fact, here’s a huge photo album of weird-looking planes.

Someone posted a YouTube video of what appears to be an armed Predator drone flying around over populated areas of Illinois. “That’s an odd little plane,” the cameraman says.

The space shuttle Discovery has been powered down for the last time. We love the shuttle for what it accomplished, but let’s admit it: It wasn’t the sleekest spaceship you can imagine.

For that matter, the spacecraft that landed on the moon was one of the strangest-looking things people have ever made! 

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