Read/Write Daily: Watch Out for Zombie Drones

Today’s theme is do it yourself. You know that saying, “If you want something done right… ” Well, sometimes the status quo won’t bring the future fast enough, so fired-up people have to do it themselves.

Even if that means building space stations.

As U.S. government support for its space program wanes, NASA is making legal room for entrepreneurs who want to take over.

These new private space companies are teaming up to build whole space stations.

The European Space Agency is looking for asteroids and other “space hazards,” and amateur astronomers have volunteered their help.

On the Web, companies want to serve us our future by monetizing our information. Maybe we’d have a better future if we became our own platforms.

What happens if we don’t do it ourselves? We lose control. We get driven around by robots…

… and we have to watch out for zombie drones.

Image via Shutterstock.

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