Today’s theme is beyond Moore’s Law. For almost 50 years, tech has progressed under the dogma that computing power will double every two years. But Moore’s Law is approaching its physical limit.

What comes next?


Physicist and futurist Michio Kaku explains the physical limits of Moore’s Law.

Computing after Moore’s Law will exploit the weird properties of quantum mechanics. Check out this hand-drawn diagram of the photon double-slit experiment.

We’re still discovering bizarre quantum effects, such as the ability to alter results that were measured earlier in time.

Simulations have begun to show that these effects can be harnessed for information processing in powerful ways.

Scientists have engineered a tiny crystal that blows the previous quantum-computing experiments out of the water.

Engineers are getting better at working on nanoscale chips. Canadian scientists have made a working mobile medical lab on a finger-sized chip.

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