Today’s theme is racing the planet. Technology has given us superpowers over the short term, but it’s gotten us into a long-term climate mess. Now only more technology can get us out.

How quickly can we turn the corner?

Researchers are finding unforeseen Arctic forces driving up greenhouse gas levels that we can’t even control.

Climate Central has an interactive map that shows you the potential impact of rising sea levels.

But in the cities, we’re finding new ways for life to thrive in warming temperatures.

Our efforts to capture clean energy are getting more efficient. Check out this video about the evolution of wind turbine technology.

Mother Jones even has a round-up of five pieces of good news from Planet Earth.

The trouble is, there’s a crisis in science. We’re good at solving problems, but it’s hard to direct resources to the right ones.

But we put people on the moon! Check out the complete documentation of the Apollo and Gemini computer systems. (ᔥ Matt Lynley)

Can we overcome the problems on our planet with another effort on that extraterrestrial scale? Some wealthy, crazy people think so.

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