Today's theme is reaching orbit. Most human beings have gotten used to the idea of flying through the air by now. Some aspects of human flight feel downright old and outdated. But the cutting edge of flight still demonstrates the highest heights of human technology.

For most people, flying is still a dreadful slog. Here's a great breakdown of everything wrong with airport security and how to fix it.

But even for hobbyists, flight still fires the imagination. Check out this footage from a remote-controlled plane.

The craziest-looking aircraft you've ever seen, a 16-rotor vertical take-off and landing contraption called the VC1, has taken the Lindbergh Prize for Innovation at an airshow in Germany.

Meanwhile, in the military, behold the lamest fighter jet propaganda video ever.

The Pentagon has released a detailed report on the March 20 in-flight failure of the Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2.

While the U.S. space program is in flux, other players are stepping up. Private space company SpaceX is getting close to launching a rocket that can deliver astronauts to orbit.

The European Space Agency has shared some spellbinding photos from the International Space Station.

Lead image via DARPA