Would You “Rent” a Startup Founder? For Charity?

Have you ever wanted to get first-hand advice from the founder of a successful startup? Or at least get to shoot the breeze for a while and get a sense of what they’ve been through and what awaits you?

Of course, right? But would you pay for the privilege of “renting” a tech company founder? OK, what if the money you spent went to charity? And what if the founders came from high-profile startups like Reddit, Hipmunk, Scribd, Parse, Sincerely, and Exec?

If your answer is “yes” to these somewhat unusual questions, here’s your chance. San Francisco-based service site Exec, has lined up founders to talk to other entrepreneurs from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific on April 7, either on the phone or via Skype. The promotion includes a number of execs, including ones from Exec, natch:

Alexis Ohanian (Reddit, Breadpig) for questions on Y Combinator, building brands and communities online, or combatting terrible legislation in Washington (e.g., SOPA/PIPA).

Steve Huffman (Reddit, Hipmunk) for help with Web applications.

Matt Brezina (Xobni, Sincerely) for advice on customer development, finding product/market fit and scaling user acquisition.

Tikhon Bernstam (Parse, Scribd) for insight into building out your product, team and company.

Justin Kan (Justin.tv, Exec) for advice on starting companies, recruiting talent, and management as well as online video and advertising.

According to Exec, you can ask the founders to give you “advice for your business, serve as a sounding board for your startup idea, or just to chat.” You can even ask to pick the brain of specific founders. (“No promises though.”)

So how much does it cost to talk to a founder? $100 per hour, with a half hour minimum. Cheaper than a psychiatrist, and not much more than a plumber. Better still, the money goes to DonorsChoose.org. So even if you don’t learn the secret to making a fortune in Silicon Valley, you’ll at least be helping out classrooms in need.

Click here to sign up. Or go to the [Exec blog] (http://blog.iamexec.com/post/20415502048/rent-a-tech-company-founder-through-exec-for-donors) for more information.

Lead image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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